Streaming Platforms

Many websites let you stream or watch movies online for free, but few have full episodes of the TV shows. If you like to watch TV shows online, then here is the list of best sites to watch TV shows online free full episodes.

In this article, we have a list of the best free movies streaming sites without sign up or registration in 2022. All the sites are tested and tried with many VPNs of different countries, so you will not find any problem to access these sites.You can watch your favorite movies without any registration or signups directly from the homepage. The collection of movies and shows in all the websites are huge and updated regularly.If you love to watch movies, then this list of best free movies streaming sites without sign up if for you. Don’t forget to bookmark this page.

If you are looking for Stream2Watch alternative platforms to watch online sports for free then you are in the right place. No doubt, Stream2Watch is one of the best sports streaming website. But there are many Stream2Watch alternatives and similar sites which you can try to watch live matches. We have tried and tested these sports streaming sites before adding them into the list.  

How Long to Keep Records?

Records are at the very core of what a human resources (HR) department does. As the managers of an organization’s most vital resource pool, HR professionals must maintain the records of every hiring, firing, and grievance. 


HR is the backbone of a good corporate culture. An effective HR department will mean employees that feel looked after and a sense of trust in the management of the business. Properly managing the records of your employees is a huge part of establishing that trust.

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For many businesses, the HR manager or department also manages payroll. So, on top of the personnel files and other records, they must also maintain records of employee earnings, invoices, and a host of other important documents come tax time. With so many varying record types and such a vital role in managing them, it is only natural that HR professionals would be constantly searching for more efficient ways to manage records. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what records retention and management means in the context of human resources.

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What is a Human Resources (HR) Record?

There is no simple answer to the question of what, exactly, qualifies as an HR record. This is because the answer largely depends on how an organization is structured and how broad the purview is of the HR department. For some smaller businesses, the HR department may deal with almost all of the accounting and payroll records for the business. For larger organizations, they may play a more segmented role.

At their most fundamental level, HR records can be described as any record of the internal functioning of a business or organization. They are the memory of the organization, serving to ensure that failures are documented and learned from, that legal disputes can be resolved effectively, and ultimately that the business or institution can continue to build on a foundation of defined processes. A business with no memory is a shaky idea indeed.

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Types of HR Records

While what is considered an HR record may differ from organization to organization, there are some fundamental categories of HR records that will be consistent across just about any business or industry. Here are a few of the most common examples.

Personnel Files

Personnel files include everything that was generated and collected during the on-boarding process, including offer letters, signed contracts, copies of any signed employee handbooks etc., as well as any ongoing assessments of performance. These records are generally available to the HR manager and any superiors or managers of the employee.

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Payroll Files

Payroll files should be a record of any and all things related to an employee’s compensation or taxes. This includes direct deposit forms, filled out W2 or 1099 forms, W4 forms, time-off requests, and anything else that may need to be referred to in any wage disputes or questions about tax withholding.

Medical Records

Not every organization will keep extensive medical records for their employees. Most medical records will generally only apply to businesses that provide their employees with health care. However, there are some exceptions that apply to hourly employers, such as records of any injuries sustained while on the job. Broadly, medical records are any personnel records that pertain to medical treatment, insurance, or liability, such as health insurance application forms, physician’s notes, worker’s compensation claims, drug tests, and many more.


Confidential Employee Files

These are secure employee files that should only be viewed or managed by HR professionals. They will include all of the sensitive or personally identifiable information that relates to an employee, such as their social security number, their marital status, their criminal background, or any other protected private information.

Investigation Files

Investigation files will be created in response to a specific investigation into an incident or an employee’s conduct. They will include any interviews, depositions, or other documentation that pertain directly to the investigation. As with confidential employee files, they should only ever be accessible to members of the HR department.

Training and Development Records

While these are sometimes contained within the individual personnel files of employees, some HR departments also choose to maintain a separate record for employees detailing their professional development, including any certifications that they have attained through any company-sponsored programs.

HR Record Retention Guidelines

Record retention is obviously fundamental to the operation of human resources. Keeping a clear, accessible, and accurate record of a business’ operations and employees is vital. However, it’s not quite as simple as just “retaining records”. This is because of a dichotomy that is at the heart of all records management: the demands of regulation and the limitations of storage.


Keeping accurate records of your organization, employees, and payroll isn’t just necessary for the effective operation of a good business. Much of it is also necessary to be on the right side of the law or, rather, several laws. Every record should have a retention schedule, even if it is indefinite, to ensure that your business is able to meet legal challenges and weather audits without unnecessary losses.


The answer to legally-mandated record retention periods seems obvious. Just keep everything! Unfortunately, even in the age of ever-expanding digital storage capacities, keeping everything is not a cost-effective option. Paper-based records require adequate, temperature-controlled storage space and even in the case of digital files, keeping every record of a large organization could result in a massive amount of redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) files. Thus, the constant dance between efficient records retention and the letter of the law.

How to Start Soya Chaap Manufacturing Business?

If we talk about soya chaap, then the trend of serving it as a starter in parties and marriage functions is increasing in India. The main feature of soya chaap is it cooks in the oil pan as well as tandoor. You will find this food item easily from malls to Dhaba ( Roadside Restaurant). In this article, we will talk about all the information on How to start soya chaap manufacturing business in India?

People are changing their food habits and shifting from non-veg to veg to start a healthy and non-meat eating lifestyle. Many are aware of their health and want to adopt a healthy way of life. In today’s time, people are very busy with their work and career that they forget to give for their health. Eating proper and healthy food is a necessity in today’s running life.


The best way to market your products are using social media like Instagram marketing and offline marketing like banners. 

Creating websites for your products and promoting the site using SEO like proper on-page SEO and Off-page SEO to get better results. Best way to rank the site is to make proper backlinks in your domain but we are aware of the domains with DA manipulation work like Redirects

Another way of offline marketing is advertising using speakers. If you are planning to set up shops or do retail marketing yourself then you need to buy speakers or repair them with some high volume to get the attention needed. 

For good health you need to eat healthy food which has many nutritional value. At the top of the list of healthy food items, which are rich in proteins and less in cholesterol is soyabean. For vegetarians, soyabean is very effective as it substitutes their protein needs from meat and eggs. Many doctors also prefer to eat soyabean for heart patients as it is low in cholesterol and fat. This is the reason, soyabean items like soyabean milk, chunks, soyabean chaap, flour, soya Paneer, soya sauce, etc are used in our diet daily.

Raw Materials

You should have the proper soya chaap making and processing business plan before starting this business, the first thing you will need is the raw materials. Some of them are:

  • Soyabean Flour
  • Wheat Bran or Wheat Flour
  • Oil
  • Maida or All purpose Flour

Area Requirement

Soya chaap making business is a small scale business and needs very less area when compared to other heavy work business. The area required to start this business on a small scale is minimum 1500 to 2000 Sq.ft of land. If you want to store the frozen soya chaap in your cold storage, then the area will also increase. If you want to start this business, then you can store the soya chaap in other cold storage to save your place and investment and track the status using GPS trackers.

Process of making soya chaap

While starting any food business, the main ingredient which makes them unique from other competitors is the recipe and taste. The process of making plays an important role in the taste of the final product. You should try many recipes and then fix the portion and quantity of every item which is used in the process.


Marketing Strategies For Small Business on Instagram

Instagram is one of the biggest social media networks on the market right now. With over one billion active monthly users and 25 million active business accounts, it’s clear they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. That’s why in this article, we’re covering 10 marketing strategies for small business on Instagram.

So you can better use the platform to connect and convert your ideal customer and client. Let’s get to it.

Let’s dive right into the tips, starting with number one, optimize your bio.

Optimize your Bio

The very first thing you wanna do on Instagram whether you’re just getting started or whether you’re looking to take your account to the next level is to really fully optimize your bio by describing accurately, clearly and concisely what you do and who you do it for.

This is also your opportunity to talk about why you’re worth following. After all, what you do and who you do it for is one part of the puzzle but why is your account worth someone’s attention and time? Videos are the best for attention grabbing. You can download any videos using any video downloader.

Of course, if you’ve got them there, you’ve compelled them with what you do and who you do it for and why you’re worth following, well then obviously you’re gonna wanna follow this up with an effective call to action leading them somewhere to get them off the site and to basically try to build your network some other way.

A perfect example here is offering some kind of freebie or guide or lead magnet and making sure to link that up using the link in your bio.

A really important note is to obviously make sure that whatever place you’re sending them off Instagram, is mobile optimized because almost all of Instagram takes place on a mobile device. So the last thing you wanna do is send them to some ugly website that doesn’t work when they get there.

Also, bonus points if you’re using a link tracker like which is going to enable you to see just how many people are clicking the link and ending up where you want them to go.

Have a Brand Plan

Alright, tip number two is to make sure to have a brand plan.

The three words that can help you build an effective brand plan are consistency, clarity and congruence.

Consistency means that you’re applying a regular schedule, meaning you’re posting regularly, you’re checking in regularly, responding to comments and responding to DMs on a regular and consistent schedule.

All of which help prove that you’re a reliable and trustworthy brand.


Toys Business Ideas and Manufacturing Plan

When we hear this word toy, all the pleasant childhood memories with toys flashback in our mind. You must be eagerly waiting for your birthdays, Diwali and Christmas to get your favourite toy. All of us wish to be the owner of the toy making company in our childhood. Toys business ideas are one of the most researched ideas of starting a business.

The market for this business is very high. If you have a good plan, you can easily beat your local competition in your area. You have to decide the location, the categories of toys, brand name, investment, marketing cost, marketing methods and the ROI from your toys business ideas.

The market of toys business ideas

We all know, toys are not going from the trend. Every day, new toys are manufactured for people of all age groups. You can see toys for small kids and remote control toys for teenagers. As the population is increasing, the demand for toys and dolls are also rising among boys and girls. You can easily set up your toys shop and earn huge profits if you don’t have a toy shop in your locality.

Toys business ideas

Steps for toys shop business plan.

If you are planning to start your toys shop business, then some of the steps you need to plan and implement to get the fruitful results are:

Research and competition

Before planning any steps, you have to research your business idea. Make a note of the following points

  • How many toy shops are there in your area?
  • Which toys are trending in your area?
  • Are there any toy shops near the hospital or nearby?
  • How are your competitors marketing to attract customers?
  • When you have the proper research plan and answers to the above question, you will get a clear idea to start your toy business ideas.

If you are satisfied with the answers, you can move on to the second step.


The most important factor for setting up your toy shop business is an investment. If you have a low budget, then you have to be very selective in your materials. Now, from the above research, you know which toys are treading in your area. Get the wholesale quotation from the market to know the approximate investment needed in your first toy stock.


For any successful business, location plays an essential part in its process. If you want to start your toy business ideas, then you can look for shops in the area where people travel a lot. One of the recommended places is near children hospitals. Because in hospitals, many children are admitted, and they need some toys to distract them from their pain. Some of the sites you can set up your store are:

  • Train Station
  • Bus stops
  • Near Cafe
  • Birthday lawns

Brand name for toy manufacturing business plan in India

When you have the required investment and location for toys, business ideas shop. It’s time to get your shop a cute name.